Global Corruption, and Africa.

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by_propaganda_corruptionQuestion: disappointed by your words on corruption, avoiding what harms are caused and what to do about them.

There can be no useful discussion of “African” corruption, without a a discussion of global corruption.

I should make clear I deplore corruption, African, or otherwise. But I challenge unproven idea Africa’s more corrupt than many other places.

A common thread in my interviews with hundreds of Chinese in Africa was how relatively uncorrupt their business dealings were in Africa.

This meant that although they faced petty corruption routinely, they were mostly free of onerous, systematic corruption they knew back home.

While I covered China, a gov. of Shanghai was jailed, for building toll road between 2 of country’s largest cities in which he had an interest.

My point is not that China is world’s most corrupt place. It is spectacularly corrupt, though, and that has obviously not stopped development.

On the question of who is most corrupt, this is, we must admit, a largely subjective question.

Corruption is often defined and stigmatized by the powerful for their own purposes.

Why haven’t we heard Biden and others like him deplore corruption in international arms industry? Surely the sums are huge.

Or corruption in the international banking industry? Ditto. I mean the placement of fat African rents in Western banks?

Or the common practice by Western investment banks of hiring children of political leaders, in Africa and China, to gain advantage?

Or the myriad ways that the international economy and financial system are rigged against the weak and poor? Is this not corruption?

That’s not called corruption or tribalism, though, because it is done by the truly powerful.


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Passionate about life. Lover of Art. Humor. Reading.

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