A PREGNANT GENERATION: Africa’s second liberation.

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Author Wakaba:
Passionate about life. Lover of Art. Humor. Reading.

Liberation Liberation was the voice that our forefathers echoed across the ridges of Africa,

We wanted to be free, but free from what?

Like the guinea fowl that wants to be free from the covers of the forest,

Only to be imprisoned in the cages of the cocks,

As the cock-crow, the guinea fowl lives in fear, In every dawn the knives gets sharper,

Oh Africa! Can’t you hear the cry of your children? Their tears trickling down on the hard rocks,

The tears won’t dry off, even in the scorching sun,

Political liberation in the name of independence, is your greatest achievement,

You have delivered your children from Egypt, but will you stand desert test?

You have chained yourself and, thrown away the key to your freedom,

You can’t free yourself from your homegrown dictators,

Whose suffer from bloated stomachs, while your people die of hunger,

Your children resemble the exotic bamboo trees, as they serve as global posters of humanitarian crisis,

You sing the songs of independence to ridicule your so-called colonizers,

Calling them enemies of development, yet you are an enemy of your own self, But after your last stanza, you sing the songs of foreign aid,

Africa must be free

In the 21st century ! You can’t cloth and feed your own kids Have you failed in family planning?

You have been enslaved in the mind, only a second liberation, Will save you from yourself,

Liberation that won’t be fought in the forests, A Liberation where leaders won’t be silenced in detention camps,

You need no guns, for the cartridges of your brain are loaded, But you fear to pull the trigger,

Fear no more, pull the trigger ,and liberate yourself, uniteYou, the second generation of Africa,

This is a fight whose leaders won’t be defined by the size of the dreadlocks, Liberation of the mind, that will be defined by the power of the pen and paper,

The power to change social injustice, The power to build Africa, not from the houses on the hill,

But in every mind, let’s echo the voice of.



The writer is a creative writer by name Nyaga and has a blog he writes his comical thoughts. You can also follow him on twitter




Passionate about life. Lover of Art. Humor. Reading.

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